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Jewelry with a Meaning - Symbolic Jewelry

Jewelry with a Meaning - Symbolic Jewelry

Jewelry can be a part of a fashion trend, but it also can be more than that, Jewelry can be a way to express oneself.

Your religious, spiritual, or even aesthetic identity can be expressed by the jewelry you wear. The Symbols you connect with can be engraved into the aesthetics of modern jewelry. Giving the piece a deeper dimension. 

We at NeoCityGarden love to help people express their inner reflections through our various jewelry designs, many of these designs are born because customers that trust our brand ask if we can design and execute a certain jewelry piece that holds a certain symbol they like to express.

We invite you to take a tour through our collection of Meaningful Jewelry or Jewelry with a Symbol.

Hamsa Hand Pendant (Hand of Fatima Necklace)

Hamsa Hand Pendant

Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima as a symbol, is believed to ward off bad spirits and provide defense against the evil eye. This is believed among many Mediterranean cultures and can be seen in many of our designs like the  Hand of Fatima Necklace Gold (Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace) and the Rose Gold Hamsa Necklace


Rose Gold Hamsa Necklace


Ankh Cross Necklace (or Ankh Cross Pendant)

The ankh symbol—sometimes referred to as the key of life or the key of the Nile—is a representative of eternal life in Ancient Egypt. Some love to wear it to express their love for ancient Egyptian aesthetics while others wear it to express the connection with the spiritual values of Ancient Egypt. 

You can check NeoCitygarden's Large Gold Ankh Pendant Necklace

Large Gold Ankh Pendant



Cedar Tree Necklace

The cedar has always been related to Lebanon as many Cedar Tree Forests top the mountains of this beautiful country. The Cedars’ woods have been used by the ancient Phoenicians to build a large fleet of ships that were used in their trade in the Mediterranean sea and beyond, also it is believed that the wood from those Cedars was used to build the temple of Solomun in Jerusalem. This tree is also represented in the flag of Lebanon. We are honored to have this tree engraved as a pendant in real gold and in 24K gold-plated brass.

The Gold Plated Cedar Tree Necklace and the Real Gold Small Cedar Tree Necklace

Cedar Tree Necklace

Sephiroth Ring (kabbalah Tree of Life Ring)

Sephiroth, or the 10 revelations of Ein Sof in Kabbalah. The upper world according to Kabbalistic wisdom is manifested in those 10 enamations.

NeoCityGarden has two Kabbalistic rings in its collection:


Jewish Kabbalah Jewelry

The Sephiroth Ring (In gold and in silver)


Fleur de Lis Pendant Necklace 

The fleur de lis, or the lily flower when translated from French is a three-petaled flower that has been associated with French royalty during the monarchical period of France, as it was later used in the heraldry of many European nations. The three petals resemble the holy trinity. 

The Fleur de Lis (or Fleur de Lis) has made its way to fashion not only because of its meaning but also because of its aesthetics. NeoCityGarden has included it among its collection in the Fleur de Lis Pendant Necklace. Available in gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

rose gold fleur de lis necklace


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