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Your Guide to Buy Name Necklaces and Personalized Jewelry

Why Name Necklaces Make Special Gifts?

A Gift Full of Emotions

When you gift someone a personalized gift, like a custom name necklace or other forms of personalized jewelry the gift will show more value than its actual value because it reflects deep emotions and great effort, and people usually appreciate effort.


Having the name of a loved one engraved on a pendant necklace will have their name closest to their heart. Giving them strength and love whenever they need it.


Perfect Self-Gifts

Personalized name necklaces can simply hold one’s name and be a perfect self-gift as well when we are passing through phases that makes us want to pamper ourselves or simply reward ourselves after a great achievement just like our client Soha in Los Angeles, that wanted to gift herself something rewarding and picked our Gold Name Necklace.'


Custom Name Necklace in Dubai


Have the Name of a Family Member Engraved on your Necklace

Frida, a mother of a cute baby named Majd in Dubai, received an Arabic Name Necklace gift with name of her newborn engraved on. She felt so happy with the gift “I have Majd in my heart and his name the closest to my heart” she added “ this is the best gift I have ever received”.


Arabic Name Necklace in Dubai

Have the Name of Your Favorite City Engraved on your Necklace

Tatiana, a Beirut blast survivor who has a great love for her city Beirut was gifted a Gold Arabic Name Necklace with the name of Beirut engraved on. She said “this was the most meaningful gift I have ever received” she added “ This gift helped me transform a traumatic bad memory into a nice one, it helped me fall in love with Beirut again.”

Gold Arabic Name Necklace


Share a Message of Love

Name necklaces can come in gold chains or in vibrant beads. They can hold names of people and place or words resembling inspirations like 'Love' or other holy or sacred words one love having close to their heart.



Custom Arabic name necklace Dubai

What to Look for when Buying a Name Necklace?


Quality and Material

 Quality is a very important factor when it comes to name necklaces and custom jewelry in general, especially if it’s not made from pure gold. NeoCityGarden offers both, Gold Name Necklaces and Gold-Plated Name Necklaces as well. Our Gold Plated version is 24 Karat Gold Plated Brass. The plate is made to last as it’s a high quality 3 microns coating using the latest gold plating technologies.


Script and Calligraphy

Personalized jewelry are meant to deliver certain messages, these messages are meant to be delivered in a fashionable way instead of a boring classic computer generated font. The execution would rather have a more artistic and lively script that would add style and soul to the piece, something that matches the buyer’s character and taste. NeoCityGarden offers a wide variety of scripts to have your names and messages engraved in. Especially when it comes to Arabic Script. Arabic is a beautiful language that can be expressed in various scripts, many of are for sacred scripture.

Arabic Calligraphy is a form of art that have many fans even from non-Arabic speaking people. You can always see people collecting paintings of Arabic calligraphy scripture or even having an Arabic calligraphy tattoo, so why not have it in jewelry. Our calligraphers are now offering two scripts to have your messages engraved in, the Diwani and the Kufi scripts. You may always ask for designs in other script formats as well.


Arabic Calligraphy Necklace Dubai

Customer Service

When ordering a custom jewelry online, you always need to communicate your message and the design you have in mind with the brand to make sure that the delivered item is exactly what you’re looking for. NeoCityGarden in this sense has its team ready to reply to your messages in less than 24 hours and have your thoughts of any personalized piece put into life with the help of our calligrapher and craftsmen.


Special Occasion Gifts


If you are planning to gift someone a Gold Name Necklace or any other Customized Jewelry Piece as a Christmas gift, a Valentine’s gift for your wife or girlfriend, or a mother’s day gift try to order your item ahead of time. Vendors receive lots of orders during these seasons and work hard to make sure all the items are delivered on time, since customized jewelry is a ready to make item a vendor might stop accepting orders if they believe they can no longer deliver on time.



When you are buying anyone a gift from our store don’t hesitate to reach us asking about our special gift wrapping and packaging we are offer also mention the name of the person you are gifting to write them a nice personalized message.








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