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Zoom bracelet with sayings
Zoom Bracelet with Saying - Arabic Font
Zoom Bracelet with Saying - Arabic Font
Zoom Arabic Bracelet
Zoom Gold Bangle Bracelet for Women

Bracelet with Saying - Arabic Font

$85.00 USD
Color & Finishing

Bracelet with Saying | Arabic Font | Inked

Have your favorite quote nicely engraved on a bangle bracelet.  Upload the quote or phrase you like in the assigned box and our team will show you the calligrapher's design before engraving it on the bracelet. 

The Bracelet with Saying is ready-to-make, in all sizes and in various finishings. 

Sized and Finishing:

This bangle is ready-to-make in two sizes, small & medium.

Small is 14.5 cm & medium is 15.5 cm; both are open and adjustable.


Finishing Options:

  1. Gold Plated Matte
  2. Gold Plated Shiny
  3. Silver Plated Matte
  4. Silver Plated Shiny

 The engraving on this bracelet is painted in permanent black ink.



Write the quote you like to have engraved on this bangle in the assigned text box, and our team will get back to you with the font design before processing your order. Make sure to check your junk box after placing your order to avoid missing our email. 

This Bracelet with Saying, like most of our products, is a ready-to-make item. Once you place your order we need 5 days to process and 7-12 days to have it delivered to your address.

The bracelet is delivered inside a small jewelry box, which would make a perfect gift box. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to have it wrapped for free and have a letter tagged along.. Our team will be more than happy to help.


Bracelet with Quote

As much as we are happy to help you express yourself on a piece of jewelry, we also like to share ours. The bracelet on display has a Mahmoud Darwish quote written on it. The quote says:

"حريتي أن أكون كما لا يريدون لي أن أكون"

Which translates to "My freedom is to be what they don't want me to be" making it a perfect bracelet for rebellious women. Also, if you like this bracelet with a quote you may also check our Rumi Ring, as it's also a ring with a quote. 





All of our jewelry is made-to-order and custom for every client based on size and special customizations. Your order needs 10 to 14 days to be delivered.

If you have an occasion or a deadline, please contact our team before ordering and we will inform you about the expected delivery date.

Bracelet with Saying - Arabic Font

$85.00 USD


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